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Climate Intervention News
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UK House of Commons: "The Regulation of Geoengineering" March 19, 2010
GAO Testimony: "Preliminary Observations on Geoengineering Science, Federal Efforts, and Governance Issues" March 18, 2010
Bipartisan Policy Center creates geoengineering task force March 18, 2010
Royal Society launches geoengineering governance initiative March 18, 2010
House Hearing: Geoengineering III: Domestic and International Research Governance [Scheduled March 18th, 2010] March 15, 2010
Digital Journal: The plan to save the world from climate change: Plan B February 22, 2010
Science Now: Smattering of Activists Protest Geoengineering, 'Chemtrails' February 20, 2010
House S&T Committee Holds Second Hearing on Geoengineering February 13, 2010
Environmental Leader: Bill Gates sink $4.5M into 'Transparent' Climate Change Research February 01, 2010
Slate: The Earth Trials January 28, 2010
Guardian: Stewart Brand discusses geoengineering as necessary January 22, 2010
NY Times: A Search for Rules Before Climate-Changing Experiments Begin January 18, 2010
NERC: Public Dialogue on Geoengineering January 15, 2010
MIT Technology Review: Why Climate Scientists Support Geoengineering Research January 15, 2010
Dot Earth: Whiplash in the Greenhouse January 13, 2010
The Ecologist: Economics without land is a disaster January 13, 2010
Seattle PI: Intellectual Ventures invest in geoengineering techniques January 13, 2010
Guardian: Climate Scientists Convene Global Geoengineering Summit January 12, 2010
Video: CO2 Recycling Using Wave-Driven Ocean Pumps January 10, 2010
Money Week: New Ways to Tackle Climate Change January 08, 2010
Annual Meeting of American Association for the Advancement of Science includes three symposia on geoengineering... January 07, 2010
Film review: Owning the Weather January 06, 2010
Reason.com: Geoengineering the Climate January 04, 2010
Nature Blog: Governing Geoengineering January 04, 2010
Treehugger: A New Spin on Climate Engineering January 03, 2009
Ten Technology Trends for the Next Decade January 01, 2009
NY Times: 'Geoengineering' considered Word of 2009 January 01, 2009
Humor: Top 10 Geoengineering Ideas to Save Our Planet December 29, 2009
Nature: Planning for Plan B December 17, 2009