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About Us

The Climate Response Fund, a non-profit foundation based in Alexandria, VA, was founded in 2009 in response to the growing concern about climate change and the complex political, economic and social issues surrounding international scientific studies and methodologies for climate response.  The CRF acts as an unbiased and neutral resource to those exploring, studying, and engaging in research related to climate change intervention.

Given the current direction and pace of climate policy negotiations, we face potential climate impacts outstripping safe efforts at mitigation, to which adaptation may prove difficult if not unacceptable.  Given the calls for climate intervention research by the G8+5 national academies, the American Meteorological Society, the American Geophysical Union and the (UK) Royal Society, we believe it critical to break the current deadlock and establish appropriate guidelines for safe research.  It is the Climate Response Fund’s conviction that a framework for the assessment and management of risks must be created now to enable a timely understanding of the consequences of climate intervention.


  • Foster safe and responsible research on climate intervention by
  • - providing a neutral forum where norms and guidelines for climate intervention research can be discussed and developed
    - working with national and international partners to encourage appropriate organizations to incorporate the suggested norms and guidelines into their deliberations on climate intervention research
  • Work with national and international partners to communicate information about climate intervention research to interested groups and the general public.


Next Steps

The Climate Response Fund considers the Asilomar International Conference on Climate Intervention Technologies the launch of our focus on the safety of climate intervention research, not the endpoint.  A next step will, of course, be the release of the report of the Scientific Organizing Committee from the conference.  We have also encouraged the organizing committee to prepare an article for peer review from the results of the conference.

Following the conference and the release of the SOC report, CRF is committed to working with scientists, environmentalists, organizations and nations to continue its work fostering development of the norms and guidelines for climate intervention research. CRF will continue to encourage international collaboration in the ongoing deliberation over such research. CRF will promote the results of the conference and urge organizations with governance interests to incorporate these norms and guidelines into their own forms of recommendation, oversight, governance or rulemaking.

CRF has been informed by research councils, scientific academies, and policymakers in several countries, as well as by international organizations, that they await the recommendations of the conference and that they will consider how the results can be incorporated into their further discussions of issues related to climate intervention.

CRF is dedicated to this work and has no plans for funding field experiments.