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The Climate Response Fund Policy Statement


For-Profit Climate Intervention Activities

It is CRF’s policy that no employees or contractors have any financial interest in or derive any direct or indirect benefit from any company that is pursuing climate intervention as a for-profit activity or could profit from such activities in the future.  The Climate Response Fund CEO, Dr. Margaret Leinen (currently CRF’s only employee) has no income, stock, or intellectual property in any companies or individuals that are pursuing climate intervention as a for-profit activity.

Dr. Leinen

Dr. Leinen has no income, stock or intellectual property resulting from her previous employment by Climos, Inc. The CRF and Dr. Leinen have not funded, nor do we have plans to fund any companies interested in the development of climate intervention as a for-profit activity.


None of our donors is interested in for-profit use of climate intervention, or to the best of our knowledge, has a financial interest in any company that is pursuing climate intervention as a for-profit activity.  None of our donors is an energy or natural resource company, nor have we sought funds from any such donors.

The Need for Open Discourse and Disclosure

The CRF recognizes that for-profit activities and the pursuit of intellectual property development in climate intervention are the focus of companies as well as members of the academic community who are also engaged in research in climate intervention.  We consider these companies and individuals to be necessary and legitimate participants in the discussion of climate intervention research.  We believe they, like all interested parties, should be able to express their views about how such research is conducted.  We also believe it is important for researchers to disclose any for-profit activities in climate intervention, as well as, funds received from those with a for-profit interest in climate intervention.